The 31st Annual G.K. Chesterton Conference

Manalive the Movie will be premiering at the conference (hence the logo design and quote)

Watch here for more updates about the Conference!

Buy a t-shirt! hopefully for the actual conference we will have a t-shirt made from a more (ahem) distributist company than zazzle.


Ben Hatke said...

Ted, every single one of these you've done has been awesome. This one is possibly my all time fave.

Is there a way you can post them all together?

theodore said...

Thanks Ben! I like how the coloring turned out on this one.

you can go here: http://www.5sparrows.com/?cat=17 to see some of the ones I've done. I've done a few more but not with this style.

and this is in the same style: http://www.5sparrows.com/?p=229

John Herreid said...

Agree with Ben. This is the best one yet!