from Kelly Comics to pastel sketches

13 year old Kelly has switched to pastels. 
She is now using pastels for sketches, school projects, caricatures...you name it.
You should see her bedroom wall. =)

Here is her portrait of St Francis.  I'm not sure if this is the first one she did that she didn't like or the second one that she's submitting for a project at school.  I caught a picture of it, before it gets rolled or stuffed in her backpack for school.

I couldn't resist including her latest self-portrait.  If you have seen Kelly in the last year, she was probably wearing her red wool hat (yes, even in the summer months).  She was inspired to create this self-portrait 'in the style of "Epic Mickey"'.  If you're familiar with the "Epic Mickey" Wii game, you'll appreciate this!

You'll find Kelly Comics on her facebook page and on our family blog Equipping Catholic Families.


Vicki said...

Kelly has done a gorgeous portrait of St Francis. It is lovely to see a 13-year-old's drawing that does NOT resemble a cartoon character, but is a youthfully joyful picture of a joyful person.

Dr. Thursday said...

Wow... it is a rendition of this famous idea from GKC, who appears to be referring to St. Francis:

"...the Buddhist saint always has his eyes shut, while the Christian saint always has them very wide open. The Buddhist saint has a sleek and harmonious body, but his eyes are heavy and sealed with sleep. The mediaeval saint's body is wasted to its crazy bones, but his eyes are frightfully alive."
[GKC Orthodoxy CW1:336, emphasis added]

I cannot help but urge her to proceed with all her energy - this could be a part of some future illustrated "Canticle of the Sun".

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Very nice work, Kelly! Although Vicki and Dr. Thursday said it much better :)

keep up the beautiful work