White Stone Gallery

According to the curator of the Art+Faith exhibit to be held at World Youth Day, "White Stone Gallery is the most important Christian gallery in the U.S.."
I'm sure that is true if by U.S. he means the New York/Los Angeles "fine art" world. The gallery definitely takes a modern art approach to Christian art.
But for the sake of those who dream of making it big as a contemporary Christian artist, this appears to be the place to be.

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Vicki said...

"Making it big as a contemporary Christian artist" I would propose, is a contradiction in terms. To be a Christian, a follower of Christ, is to be small, to not seek greatness in worldly terms. We may seek for our artwork to be seen in order to glorify God, but even that is dangerous, I think. It's up to Him whether it is seen by many or by few. Our job as Christian artists, I believe, is to do our work the very best we can according to the lights he has given us, and to make it as true as possible.
There is some fine work up on the White Stone gallery. Mostly nonrepresentational. It is a lovely thing to have a gallery devoted to first-rate work that celebrates faith. To all the artists there, I wish them well.