Angelic Twaddle Comics and Illustrations

Hello my name is Louis Hall, in my day job I'm a Marketing Creative Director for a global company, my wife and I have 6 children (a good Catholic family!) and in the time remaining I'm an artist/illustrator. I'm a native of Minnesota and graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a BA in Studio Art and completed undergraduate art studies at St. John's University, MN. Most recently my kids and I started this comic series we call Angelic Twaddle Comics, which is featured at CatholicLane. We try to present the deep truths of our faith through some wacky humor.

Here are a couple more websites that I'm responsible for. My blog on creativity and Design, Conceived Design My art website, fidostick.com

I look forward to reading/learning more about this website and the contributions of its members.

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Sophie said...

Beautiful vibrant color and painterly style! I especially like "Central Park".