Hello! Yes, I know it has been awhile since I posted some artwork. But, here is one finally! I just got married and this was a piece of art I did as a wedding favor for our guests. There is a lot packed in here. The figure in the center is one of the monks of Clear Creek monastery saying his final vows. The chant which he repeats three times is written below. His arms are extended in imitation of our Lord on the cross. The monks and their prayers are channels of grace to us the faithful who are recipients of their prayers, and we can look to the monks as examples and repeat with them the same prayer ... Receive me O Lord according to your word and shall live, and do not permit that I fall from my hope. This is pen and ink on paper, with colors added in photoshop.

Here is a picture from the wedding --- I have a new last name! Still getting used to being called Mrs. Harrison :-)


Mary MacArthur said...

Beautiful! All the intricate ornamentation and yet it still has a strong sense of space and depth, rather than being flat.
And Congratulations!

theodore said...

Very nice work. And may God bless your marriage!

Herreid said...