The Slyder Farm by Jason Tako

This is my latest painting I'm calling "The Slyder Farm." The John Slyder Farm is down from Devil's Den on the west side of Little Round Top in Gettysburg National Park. John Slyder purchased it in 1849 when he moved up from Maryland. During the Battle of Gettysburg, on July 2nd, 1863, General Hood's Confederate division moved across the farm on their way to Devil's Den and Little Round Top. There they were driven back down the hill by Colonel Joshua Chamberlain's famous bayonet charge. The Farm became a field hospital for Confederate Troops. Two months later John Slyder sold the farm and moved to Ohio.


Ben Hatke said...

Absolutely stunning, Jason. Really good work.

Anthony VanArsdale said...

This is beautiful. I hope to some day soon make a trip to Gettysburg. It's hard to think of the carnage that took place there… so sad

Paul Nichols said...

I'll have to drive by that place - I live just south of Gettysburg. We take car rides through the countryside every now and then.

Great painting also!