The Annunciation

Above is an unused sketch for a piece I am currently working on.  I was hesitant to share this since the painting is still in it's earliest stages, but it may be a few months before completion.  The final will be in oil.


NY Mom said...

Lovely work as always, Anthony! Just one caution- her fingers, esp. the hand on our right, look rather claw-like and tense. Maybe calming and naturalizing their position a bit to reflect her surrendered interior state?

J.R.Howley said...

Wonderful pose and emotion.

Ben Hatke said...

You really pulled off some classical proportions and gesture there, my friend. Is this a personal piece?

Anonymous said...

beautiful and gentle.I agree with the comment about the hands though.

I look forward to the final piece!


Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thanks all! Yes this is a personal piece, and I'm strongly going for a classical feel. I had several reasons for abandoning this drawing, one was the hands and position of the arms, and the entire figure didn't appear very dynamic (even though I felt the fabric and wrinkles turned out well). Since this sketch I've drawn the Blessed Virgin about a dozen times now, two oil sketches and many hands and feet. This unfortunately is the only one somewhat presentable, since others are missing a face or are half figures.

I found a blog post that some of you might be interested in.

There is some artistic nudity so be warned. It shows the working methods of Bouguereau on his "Nymphs and Satyr" piece. I was really surprised how much of what he started with wasn't really working - especially not compared to the finished painting and it's inspired me to work out the kinks in my own work. Don't rush to finish, which is something I'm notorious for.


Also the Grand Central Academy was an interesting find. I had never heard of them before and am amazed at how well a lot of the traditional painting academies and competitions are doing.

J.R.Howley said...

Thanks for posting the Grand Central Academy link. Classical painting is absolutely alive and those that practice it are to be congratulated for keeping it such. I indeed admire the work of Bouguereau and the classical style. As much as I love all art, It is always with the Figurative and classic style that I end up looking at with deep admiration in a museum. I hope you continue to inform us on the progress of your Madonna.