Catholic Cartooning

Hello everyone,

This is the link to my first religiously inspired cartoon, which I have titled "Fred, the Sheepdog." I've tried marketing it to some Catholic periodicals, but have had no replies yet. The evidence of Christianity in the cartoon may appear subtle, but it follows a pretty obvious traditional allegory. Feedback is welcome. I also invite you to look at my newly created cartooning website (apart from my art website I posted about earlier).

"Fred the Sheepdog":

"Fleas" and other cartoons by Sonia Jackson:



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Thom said...

Keep at it! Looking good. I would probably market it directly to readers on the internet (periodicals, in general, aren't doing so well anymore).

As far as the character design, I would consider removing or at least lightening the dark lines under the eyes. I find them a little distracting. But just keep going on it and it will develop.