Holy Russia

A new exhibit at the Louvre titled "Holy Russia" opens tomorrow, featuring some stunning icons. From the linked article:
In an exhibit unlike any ever mounted and tinged with diplomatic ambitions, the Louvre has pulled together artworks that have never left Russia and from around Europe, from carved cathedral doors to gold-woven robes and precious iconostasis panels. "Holy Russia" opens to the public Friday.
The Louvre has created a website (in French) that features icons and artifacts from the exhibit. The flash-based interface allows you to zoom in on these beautiful works of art and prayer.

The exhibit includes icons by Andrei Rublev, among others.

Louvre sheds western light on Russian icons, past - Article from the AP
La Sainte Russie au Louvre - Exhibit site from the Louvre
Andrei Rublev - biography and examples of his work on Wikipedia.

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