Blessed FraAngelico

Today is the feast day of Bl. Fra Angelico, a patron of artists and one of the three patrons for Smallpax. In addition to his piety his importance as an artist should not be over looked.
From the Art encyclopedia:

"(b nr Vicchio, c. 1395-1400; d Rome, 18 Feb 1455). Italian painter, illuminator and Dominican friar. He rose from obscure beginnings as a journeyman illuminator to the renown of an artist whose last major commissions were monumental fresco cycles in St Peter's and the Vatican Palace, Rome. He reached maturity in the early 1430s, a watershed in the history of Florentine art. None of the masters who had broken new ground with naturalistic painting in the 1420s was still in Florence by the end of that decade. The way was open for a new generation of painters, and Fra Angelico was the dominant figure among several who became prominent at that time, including Paolo Uccello, Fra Filippo Lippi and Andrea del Castagno. By the early 1430s Fra Angelico was operating the largest and most prestigious workshop in Florence. His paintings offered alternatives to the traditional polyptych altarpiece type and projected the new naturalism of panel painting on to a monumental scale. In fresco projects of the 1440s and 1450s, both for S Marco in Florence and for S Peter's and the Vatican Palace in Rome, Fra Angelico softened the typically astringent and declamatory style of Tuscan mural decoration with the colouristic and luminescent nuances that characterize his panel paintings. His legacy passed directly to the second half of the 15th century through the work of his close follower Benozzo Gozzoli and indirectly through the production of Domenico Veneziano and Piero della Francesca. Fra Angelico was undoubtedly the leading master in Rome at mid-century, and had the survival rate of 15th-century Roman painting been greater, his significance for such later artists as Melozzo da Forli and Antoniazzo Romano might be clearer than it is."

I based this sketch on a posthumous portrait by Luca Signorelli which is part of his "Deeds of the Antichrist"

"Blessed Fra Angelico, pray for us"


J.R.Howley said...

Thank you for taking the time and having the passion to draw Fra angelico! In Florence, In the 1970's I was able to see his work, "The Annunciation" at the Museo di San Marco in Florence. I think seeing this introduced me to the 'Sacred' in Art.

Lawrence Klimecki said...

Thanks J.R.
and welcome aboard!