Tolkien Stuff

I've been doing Tolkien related stuff for a long time, up to something I finished just this week past. I've already posted a pencil drawing and a computer vector graphic of Eowyn from "Lord of the Rings," and a small interpretation of Ulmo the Valar from "The Silmarillion" cut out of heavy watercolor paper. These I am posting now are all cut out of paper and painted, gouache or acrylic.

Tolkien designed in colored pencil heraldic devices for elven characters from "The Silmarillion." I've rendered some of them in 3d relief.
These are about six inches across and are, top left to bottom right, two of Idril Celebrimdor, Melian the Maiar and Luthien Tinuviel.

This is a deeper cut-out rendering of a drawing from "The Hobbit." The black and white is Tolkien's version.

For this I took the trees from another "The Hobbit" illustration and used it for an image of the arrival of Earendil at Elvenhome.

I did some very small items from his heraldic devices that I am not so much proud of as am very fond of. I'm really just the atelier. (But then so are we all who are aware of God) These are another Idril Celebrimdor (he did a lot for her.), the floral rosette; and Elwe Singollo, Thingol.

I've done iconic personifications of "Silmarillion" Valar. These are Manwe of the Winds; Varda, the Star Kindler (the mouth is NOT successful); Uinen of the Sea, which I think works well; and Yavanna, which I'm most happy with. Manwe and Varda are under 3 inches, Uinen is 4 inches and Yavanna, giver of fruition, is 5 inches.


Anonymous said...

beautiful color version of the forest!

DN said...


Love the Valar especially.

Tommy said...

Thanks. The Valar are really the only ones I did. The others were simply copied, if well copied.

Herreid said...

These are all really nice. I'll have to keep these in mind next time a Tolkien-related project comes up!

BTW, can you tag these with "august art jam"? I forgot to add that to the original art jam post.

Tommy said...

I'd do that, Herreid, but I cannot figure out how to. I can tag when I originate a post, but cannot see how to at this point. Since you ask, I assume there's a way to do it. Can you tell me?

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of the silmarillion, and finding these beautiful models of the h.ds are amazing! You truely are talented!