Art and Illustration

Hello. I haven't posted in some time, having been busy moving. Here are several things I've done in the not-so-distant past. The first,

is a free-hand watercolor sketch of two photos in Bridaham's Chimeres, Gargoyles, and the Grotesque in French Gothic Sculpture, a photo essay that I like to look at for inspiration. I am drawn to the grotesque in my art, perhaps because I find the complicated much easier than the simple. The next item,

(Honeybee, watercolor on hot-pressed paper, 5" x 7", 2008) is a painting I did for my son's room. Its design is inspired by Japanese block prints. This painting of a praying mantis,

(Praying Mantis, watercolor on Claybord, 4" x 4", 2008) has a similar inspiration. In painting, I have been trying more and more to view the picture format as a surface upon which areas of color are to be arranged rather than as a window through which one is looking. What I mean is, I am trying to make my paintings beautiful as paintings (products of art) rather than as representations of real objects. This is a change of direction for me; perhaps I am still falling between stools. Next is my most recent attempt, a pictoral hymn in gold ochre, Naples yellow, and sap green:

(Third Day of Creation, watercolor on Claybord, 3.5" x 5", 2009) It is meant to represent the third day of creation (the work of distinction: the separation of the waters). In painting this series, I am trying to strike a balance between Thomist exegesis and modern scientific theory. That sounds very fine, but this is only the first of seven!


Herreid said...

The detail you put into these little works of art astounds me.

Very nice!

theodore said...

I agree... your work is delightful.

Tim J. said...

These are incredible! Really... first rate.

Ben Hatke said...

Those insects are fantastic! Really good work there!