Job posting: Online Rosary

From Greg Werking:

I am a 4th degree Knight of Columbus, and this is my dream...

I am building a Catholic Rosary website, www.onlinerosary.org
Users will be able to join a prayer room and and wait with other
international users for the room to fill up. Once the room is
filled, the users will be able to view the text of the Rosary
prayers on a scrolling marquee where the words of the prayer (maybe
only five words on the screen at a time, rolling right to left).
This will allow users from all over the world to say the exact same
words in different international languages at the same time, and
pray the Rosary together.

I envision an illustrator drawing a picture of the Virgin Mary and
or Jesus with their arms outstretched and between them are the words
of the Rosary for the users to pray.

With an illustration I will be able to change the picture of the
Virgin Mary. One week she may look like the Virgin of Guadalupe,
the next Fatima.

I am looking for someone who might be interested in this? I am also open to other ideas.

Thank you,


Greg Werking
Salt Lake City
St. Thomas More
801-898-1998 cell


Anonymous said...

Greg, you're looking for an actual illustration and not the website (coding etc.), right?

And you're looking for a set, if possible? Our Lady of Lourdes, Fatima, etc.

Greg said...

I am trying to build a website with a prayer room. As many users will come daily to pray their daily Rosary, I want to keep the site fresh and new. I am hoping to have a set of illustations representing both Mary and Jesus with outstreached arms where the words of the Rosary can stream between the hands. I am open to new ideas but my basic premise is set of illustrations. The more images the better. I imagine that the different illustrations of Mary/Jesus will be mostly similar, but with slight variations for clothing ect...

Thank you


some guy on the street said...

It looks like something else is in that webspace; or is that a place-holder?

Greg said...

The website has just started being developed by surgeworks. They are the creative force behind www.divineoffice.org. Currently the website is just parked waiting for the development to be completed. I imagine that the site will be up on 6 months.