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Partridge Hill Media is seeking an illustrator for the reprint of a small children's prayer book from the early 1900s.  We plan for the book to be printed in digest size with a hard cover and dust jacket.

We require::

- a cover illustration
- 6 feature illustrations TBD
- several spot illustrations (flowers, boats, angels, small children, animals/insects)
- scrolls/garlands

PHM has a strong preference for watercolour illustrations evocative of the 1920's era.  Other media will be considered if it meets the needs of this project.  Sample illustrations (up to 3) on the theme should be scanned and emailed to info@partridgehillmedia.com by no later than 15 July.  Publisher will purchase all rights to the use of the illustrations (with credit).  Price for the work to be negotiated upon acceptance of the artist's commission.  This project must be completed by no later than 22 August.

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