Hello, I'm Sophie and have watched this blog for some time now-and am finally joining. In addition to some religious art I enjoy illustrating nature...and am especially interested in greeting cards and children's books. Below are several examples of my work.


Kelly said...

Welcome, Sophie! I enjoyed this sampling of your lovely artwork (especially that adorable beaver!) :-)

Tommy said...

Yes, the beaver is delightful and quite the professional illustration. But I really love the seemingly simple angels: they are a kind and effective use of the traits of the medium and surface.

And welcome, too. I'm new here m'self.

regina doman said...

We've had a copy of Sophie's Beaver Tails book which was published by a Park Service press some years ago: it's really enjoyable! Lately she's been doing Saint t-shirts on zazzle.com.
Glad you joined Smallpax, Sophie!

Ben Hatke said...


Beautiful watercolor birds!

Sophie said...

Thank you for the encouraging words!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Beautiful work Sophie! Gorgeous painting of the birds!

And Welcome!