Saint Catherine of Siena

Here is my most recent painting, a "holy card" of Saint Catherine of Siena, one of my favorite saints:
Saint Catherine of Siena, 2.5" x 3.5", watercolor and gouache on kaolin clay ground, 2009


Tommy said...

I am trying to think of something more to the point, but I can only think to say that I like this.
I like this.

theodore said...

Me too, me too.

For some reason, I really like how there are areas of sharp detail in the castle amidst the softer areas, did you do that on purpose? It gives a very 3 dimensional aspect to the painting, almost as if your eyes are bouncing back and forth, focusing on the foreground and then the back...

The only part i find that doesn't work for me is the arm holding the book... it looks as though you didn't have room to draw the arm and crammed it in space you had available.

I'm amazed that it's such a small painting and I bet it looks even more wonderful in person.