This piece is a representation of Mary as the the "New" Ark of the Covenant. I first heard this idea on Jeff Cavins's Great Adventure: A Journey Through the Bible series. It was the first of many insights that made me realize that I may have baptized Catholic, went to 12 years of Catholic schooling, but I was poor in the catechises area.

The lesson Jeff gave was the one of many that bound the Old and New Testament books into one complete story. For a long time I used follow the "Cafeteria Catholic" crowd; picking and choosing what I like and don't like. I did not like the God of the Old Testament. I always thought of Him as a "Punishing God". I now understand that the God of the New IS the same as the Old. A very patient, loving, caring God, but should be viewed as Mr. Lewis put it, as a lion to be feared at times.

So, in the image I tried to convey that even though we broke previous covenants with God, He still grants us forgiveness and another chance and it began with Mary. She, in a sense became, a living tabernacle.

Anyway, this was the first piece I did. It was mixture of sketching, scanning, Illustrator and Photoshop.

I'm new to this blog, so this about me:
Marc Carey: a 37 year old husband, dad, illustrating, animated cartoon watching, Catholic revert.

I've held titles a graphic artist, graphic designer, illustrator and just plain designer for about 15 years. No matter the title I was always grateful to do what I enjoy most. I worked in many different companies from baby clothes, toys, consumer electronics and medical supplies.

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Theodore said...

Hey Marc,
I really like how you stylized Mary, I'm wondering if the flourishes and stuff going on around the figures are overpowering them a bit.
Welcome to the blog!

MommaF8 said...

I love the design! Very rich & vibrant!