Looking for input

Hi Everyone,
I had an idea and I wanted to run it by you all to get your advice. I was listening to some interviews at our local "40 Days for Life" and vigil and I thought it would be a great idea to set up a website for artists and designers to donate clip art, posters, flyer designs, etc., to the pro-life cause. They could download hi-res files to help in putting their collateral material together and maybe print posters through something like Cafepress. This would be a donation on the part of the artists/designers but they would get credit along with their contact information on the website.
So what do you think? More importantly is this something you would support with your work and talk up among all your artsy and prolife friends?
All the natural domain names are taken so it would have to be something like graphicartforlife.com, although I'm open to suggestions.
And just because I can't post to Smallpax without showing some work; here are a couple of pieces I did experimenting with the style of Virginia Broderick.


Dennis Chacon said...

sweet!, love the design.

jesse said...

I'm interested in contributing! I'm working on vectoring an old collection of Catholic symbolism here and there, but I would definitely contribute some to the site. Maybe Photoshop brushes and vector illustrations? Sounds like a great site to have out there.

If I may suggest: maybe the site could be all encompassing in regard to original catholic art?the name could be easier and catchier then too, like istockcatholic? Just a thought!

jesse (at) littlesystem dot com