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My name is Nissa Gadbois. I am a partner in Partridge Hill Media, a Catholic-owned publishing company. From time to time, we have assignments for illustrators for various types of projects. At this time, we are looking for a watercolour or pencil artist to create small vignettes of household items and concepts. We also have several projects in various stages of development that will need cover art, or interior illustration.

Please send along resumes and portfolios electronically:


or by postal mail to:

Partridge Hill Media
PO Box 310
Charlton, MA 01507

Please do not send originals. Copies or contact sheets are perfectly acceptable. A brief introductory statement and resume should be included for our records.

Many thanks for having such a place to visit and review fabulous Catholic art and artists. I'm looking forward to the future of Catholic publications graced with such talent.


Nissa Gadbois
Partridge Hill Media

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Anonymous said...

I'm Dawn Schreiner and contacted you, initially, Through Twitter.
I'm leaving you my temporary website address. I created a google site while my website gets a mani pedi.

If you Facebook, I have started a group there: Dawn Schreiner Illustration, and I do a daily doodle and am scanning in sketchbook pages.

Thanks for looking!