Hello again! + Art Question.

Hi everyone!
I haven't been on here in a long time but, its so cool to see everyones art again-its so beautiful! Anyway, here is a painting i just recently did-Our Lady and baby Jesus in a field of poppies.

I know this is an art blog but, this question concerns art so I thought it would be ok to post:

Have any of you attended art school? If so which one?- and did you like it? Or would you recommend a good art school/education? I've just graduated highschool last summer and am looking for a good school to pursue my art. I wish there was a Catholic art school-so I could grow in my faith too but, I don't think there is such a thing :( I'm intersted in fine art and want to learn how to make things look more realistic. So, if you have any suggestions or ideas they would be greatly appreciated!!


Abigail said...

Hi Lizi; lovely painting!

I went to Steubenville, graduated, and then after awhile went back to school for Graphic Design.

In retrospect, I would never trade the education/formation I had at Steubenville, but regret that there wasn't either an art program there. I'd know since high school I wanted to go into commercial art, so could have saved a few $ if I'd gone that route from grade 12 on, but I don't know that I was really up for the art school scene at the time. I might recommend just taking one art course someplace to get a feel for it and see if it's something you'd want to pursue in more depth. Depending on where you go, it can either be pretty crazy off-the-wall, or some really solid stuff. I think a former prof. from Steubenville is actually teaching art down at Savannah College of Art and Design for example.

Maggie Mayer said...

Lizi, this is beautiful! Very expressive. I don't have an art degree either. I wish I could help you. I think Abigail's suggestion is a good one. If you take a local drawing or portrait class in classical realism or even just a basis oil painting class you may have a better sense of if it's something you're passionate about. I would suggest you do a little research on your teacher as well. If it were me, I'd only take from someone who's work I admire.

Good luck and God Bless!

Ben Hatke said...

Hi Lizi.
I like the baby Jesus in this one -he has a chubby peaceful face.

I didn’t attend art school as an undergraduate, but I often wish I had. It can be difficult to find a good program though.

There are some good, serious summer painting and drawing programs that you can find with a little research. A summer program might be a way to examine a place without having to jump in for a whole semester.

Also, there are some serious classical realist artists out there who open up their studios as an atlier -which is the closest thing to the old master/apprentice relationship that exists these days.

Lizi said...

Hey everyone,
Thank you all for your feedback I really appreciate it! I definately know art is my PASSION! Ever since I could hold a pencil I was always doodling on the margins of my school books and sometimes on the walls to which did not get very good feedback. But, I am taking some classes at our local community college.

Abigail- Thank you for the compliment. I LOVE Steubenville! my sister goes there and I absolutely love how Catholic it is. Amazing. I would go there except for the academics part-I don't feel academics is part of my calling-and it was always incredibly hard for me and I felt like I was wasting my time because it wasn't something I wanted to pursue. Not to say that academics are bad or people who like it are bad; its just right for some people not for others. Everyones different. But, thank you for the suggestion of Savannah College of Art-I will definately investigate it.

Thank you Maggie for the compliment! God bless you too!

Ben-thanks. I will look into finding a classical realist open studio-that sounds so cool! I never thought of that. Some people have very different and wierd ideas of what art is but, I like the old masters philosophy.

Again thank you all! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.
Peace be with you, Lizi

Dz said...

Living Water College!


Check it out!

sophie said...

Hi Lizi,
I went to Cleveland Institute of Art--excellent education but intense, and a very tough area, despite it being a cultural center (museum of art across the street). I also attended the university there which had a hard atmosphere. Perhaos you could go to FUS for a little while as I did--I wouldn't trdae that for anything, and take advantage of other opportunites like others have suggested--there's alot out there.

dominique eichi said...

Pray and ask God to show you which college to go to. He's the one that can best choose for you.
Blessings to you . He has gifted you with a great talent let him guide you.

abilina said...

Hey Lizi,
Have you heard of University of Dallas? It is a great Catholic school with an incredible core curriculum and many majors; one of which is art. I'm a freshman here right now, and although I don't know much about that major, I am in Painting I and I love it. Maybe something to look it to if its not too late.
God bless,