Mural for St. Josephs Monastery in Tulsa

Over the course of several weeks I completed a mural for the Sisters at the Monastery of St. Joseph in Tulsa. They were very hospitable and took me in when I needed a place to stay during my time working in Tulsa this fall. I worked on it somewhat sporadically between other things.
The only thing waiting is for a shelf to be built onto the wall to hold the statue of the Sacred Heart centered in the gazebo. The mural is based from an old photo of the gazebo from the sister's mother house which enshrined a life-size statue of the Sacred Heart.
Many of the older sisters would come watch me as I was painting and tell me stories of when they were younger and would go place flowers at the feet of the statue (the mural really brought back beautiful memories for them and made their history more real for me).
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Maggie Mayer said...

What a beautiful mural and perfect place for the Sacred Heart statue.

Ben Hatke said...

Nice! That looks like it was a lot of work, but it seems to have turned out very well.

Joshua of Catholic Tech Tips said...

Do you ever have anyone walk into the wall? lol : ) Great Job!