Introducing Leoness Books

From Andrew McNabb (great-grand-nephew of Fr. Vincent McNabb, OP):
I am a well-published writer (www.andrew-mcnabb.com), mostly of what could be called Catholic Literary Fiction. My short stories have appeared widely in literary journals and anthologies, both secular and religious. My first book, “The Body of This” (Warren Machine) will be out next Spring. Because of the lack of publishing opportunities for writers of literary fiction that is inspired by their Catholic faith, I am starting a small publishing house called Leoness Books, www.leonessbooks.com. I am looking to engage the services of an artist who has designed book covers, ideally for the Trade market. The ideal candidate will be someone who not only has a solid artistic background, but who believes in the principles set forth in the Leoness Mission (which is available on the website.) Given the upstart nature of our venture, we would like to engage in an arrangement in which the book artist is paid based on sales of the book(s) he/she creates the cover art for, but that could be negotiable.

Please contact me at editor@LeonessBooks.com. Because my own book is being published by a traditional publisher, and given the market into which I am selling (post-Vatican II Catholics, along with a mainstream literary audience,) I will be paving the way for Leoness authors, and I expect a good many crossover sales. That should be heartening for the artist, who can enjoy in the success of the book.

Hope to hear from some of you!


Andrew McNabb

Portland, ME

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