An introduction...at long last!

Gosh, has it been a year or so since I asked to join up with SmallPax? The membership was processed quickly, but my parish responsibilities have dictated a less speedy introduction to the group! So, here goes!

I'm Fr. Chris Decker, a priest of the Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I'm a parochial vicar at St. Jude the Apostle Church in the city, dangerously close to the football crazed students at Louisiana State University! In addition to priesting in general, I draw and I do a little podcast called catholicunderground.com with some other fine gentlemen, one of whom has ties to Front Royal, VA, the once-stomping grounds of Ben Hatke, International Artist of Mystery.

I've finally launched one of my continuing (most probably seldom updated) art projects, Joe Catholic: Seeker of Mystery. Here's a peek at some of the concept art and a link to Joe Catholic! Glad to be a part of the guild!


Theodore said...

Fr. Decker, I'm very happy you FINALLY got around to your intro post.

Since your request for membership last year I've been listening to your pod cast so I feel like I actually know you. Odd isn't it, how we get so attached to our favorite pod casters/bloggers/daily-comics characters and other personalities who may or may not actually exist.

I like the character design you have going on Joe Catholic. I'll be interested to see how the story develops!

Maggie Mayer said...

Fr. Decker, Would you eventually make this into an animated cartoon? ...or comic book form? I teach religious ed to 2nd graders (of the public school system) Most of them know very little about our Faith and I wonder if this would be over their head. Who is your audience?

I like your drawings.

Ben Hatke said...

Welcome Fr. Decker!

These are good, recognizable character designs. And Joe C is wearing some nicely colored sneakers.

My only crit is to watch out for little things like the strap on Giovanni's satchel. It seems to connect in an odd place -so that he has to hold up the wrong side...

Of course, I am picky about satchels in particular.

And on the comic page I was able to view, you should make things as clear for the reader as possible. For instance, in the second to last panel there are two voice bubbles and it's not instantly clear who is who (which is coming from further away) and who has the book in front of them.