Adobe Illustrator nerd

I got a few emails on this (and some related comments in the com box) so I thought I'd get nerdy for a moment and write about the finer points of Adobe Illustrator. Below you'll see two figures.

Figure A is the result of "Envelope Distort" using the "make with warp: arc" option. Especially when working on something using a dramatic warp (like 100% seen here), Illustrator will not render a perfect semi-circle. It isn't obvious in Figure A, but trust me, it isn't perfect. The upside is that it will preserve the spacing between letters from top to bottom. Notice the space between the bottom of the U and the R is good and so is the space at the top of the U and R.

Figure B is the result of typing on a circular path. It keeps each letter from warping and makes a perfect semi-circle. But to get this effect, it rotates each letter slightly. Problems can come up with the spacing between letters, especially at the top. Take note of the U and R!

In many cases, the diferences and problems are barely worth noting... But I suppose knowing the problems in each option, you can choose the one that gives you the results closest to your ideal. I just hope Adobe fixes the warp option (Figure A) so that it makes a better semi-circle.


Maggie Mayer said...

This is interesting. I remember using the create outline tool after curving the type on a path. Then by grouping and ungrouping we could adjust the exact position of each letter. I suppose that would be difficult though with as many letters as you had with this piece of art. Thank you for sharing this info with us.

Catholic Tech Tips said...

I am a graphic designer and also a contributor to the Catholic Tech Tips blog. I recently and will continue to be posting some tips about Adobe® Illustrator CS3 in weeks to come. Feel free to check out the art section of the blog. God Bless.