Feast of Saint Ignatius Loyola

July 31st is the Feast of Saint Ignatius Loyola! On a recent retreat, I worked out a little image in a style I'm still developing. Comments welcome!

Oh yeah, I'm new to this blog. My name is John Brown, S.J. and I've been a Jesuit for 8 years (still have about 3 to go before ordination to the priesthood). I run the http://www.companionofjesus.com/ website where I keep stuff on Ignatian/Jesuit spirituality etc...


Karen said...

I knew you couldn't hold out forever.

Consider yourself tagged with the "six quirks" meme. I thought about tagging you, but then remembered you didn't have a blog.

Now you will have something fun to do while trying to cram Latin into your head.

theodore said...

Welcome John.

And Happy Feast day!

I like the composition of this image.

I'm at a point in my art where I'm struggling against things looking too digital, so to my tastes it has too much of the adobe illustrator/vector look to it. The wood texture helps to alleviate this, perhaps you could introduce textures throughout the piece.

My only other suggestion would be to make the holy spirit more incorporated into the design... perhaps more abstractly, right now he looks a bit like Jesus' pet.

Jesuit John said...

I agree about the Holy Spirit. I struggled with that element quite a bit.

I also think the Adobe Illustrator look has it's problems, but I love the precision you get in the trade off. So long as this is just a devotional thing for me, I'm going to keep working at it this way. But, if this were for public consumption, I'd probably work in more textures, shadows and gradients.

Maybe later I'll post in some other styles I like working in.