Ad for The Midnight Dancers

Hi all,

Thanks for feedback on the cover! I wasn't able to incorporate everyone's comments before I had to go to print, but I hope to redo the cover sometime and do that.

In the meantime I have an ad for the book (due tomorrow). I actually don't know if it's for color or BW. If it's BW I'll have to adjust the contrast on everything.

But presuming it's color, how does this look? Too busy? It's supposed to be a "teaser" for the book in a magazine for Catholic girls. Any advice?



Kevin said...

Looks good. If this is a full page ad, I don't think it's too busy.

regina doman said...

Thanks! It's a quarter page ad though. I think it will be roughly that size.

regina doman said...

Oh, and I just found out it's in color! Hooray!

Theodore said...

I would tighten the kerning between the capital S and the p

also it could use a little breathing room around the type... perhaps just giving it more margin would help.

other than that it looks good!

rebecca said...

Not to change the topic, but there's a Catholic magazine for girls? Are you at liberty to tell us the name? (There was a good one recently that folded for lack of subscriptions - I'd love to give such a thing as a gift to a few young nieces!)

regina doman said...

Ack, sorry for not seeing your comment sooner, Rebecca! It's True Girl magazine, now called TG for True Girl!