The Lord is my Shepherd

Here is a mixed medium piece of art I created for my God-son for his baptism. The bulk of color was created with pencil and I outlined with gold embossing and black ink. It was a learning process and I was happy that all the "mistakes" did not stop progress too much. An example would be when I was using the embossing heater I accidentally burned the edge of the the paper ... ooops. Well as I thought how I would reconcile the mistake I noticed the burn made the paper look rather old and so I just continued burning the paper all around the edges. The image was inspired by a painting which was in pastel colors. The most difficult part was the head of the sheep and even after re-working it still did not look right. I made it fairly small -about 5"x7".


Ben Hatke said...

Very impressive!

...but there seems to be a shortage of feet?

mystical_rose84 said...

lol! you are right! In the original the feet are hidden in shadow and behind some rocks. I dropped the rocks and forgot to add the feet. Thanks for the pointer.

Kevin said...

Nice composition! Good texture with the gold embossing. Love your solution with the burned edge: "If you can't fix it, feature it!!"