I drew this from a book of pictures from the LOTR movie using black and white charcoal on light brown construction paper.


Jef Murray said...

Nice rendering of Aragorn. I think the pipestem seems a bit out of proportion...maybe could have been cropped a bit? Or even left off? I think it might have been a more powerful image removed entirely. But...good work overall!

Theodore said...

This is good work Ria, It's nice to see your work progressing like this!

ben hatke said...

Very nice. the highlight on the nose... is that accurate? (I'm not suggesting that it isn't) Highlights tend to be very important landmarks in an image like this so thier placement can make or break a picture.

Interestingly, I am far from a fan of the LOTR movies (bleh!) but I DO like this as a picture of Strider.

Ria said...

Thank you very much for the comments.
I see what you mean about the pipestem, I should try taking it out. Thanks for the suggestion.

The highlight on the nose is close, but I think is a little off center.

Thanks again, I love getting comments (:

theodore said...

BEN! I agree with you about the LOTR movies. I DID enjoy them for the visual experience (except for the clingon--er orcs) and the music.

I would leave the pipe stem in, bu just make it thinner.