The Fr. Brown Reader

The cover is a chalk drawing with a heaping dose of digital tweaking.
There are a bunch of little line drawings and one pencil drawing for each of the four stories:

Thanks to the publisher and the "adaptor" for their patience as it took just about a year to get the project done.


Abigail said...

Wonderful! That cover is terrific.

Eric Orchard said...

This is great. It's so good to see this edition, it's really exciting.

Jef Murray said...

Congratulations, Ted! The cover's good, but the inside illustration's even better! Good show!

margot said...

Thanks Ted!!
Your work was worth the wait - I wouldn't have had it any other way. So many people will be uplifted by this project!
Many Blessings,

ben hatke said...

Hey Ted! The cover looks absolutely great. I wish people could know how much work you put into that. It was worth it.

Also, Flambeau's legs are nicely drawn.