The Garden

And here's another new painting. Ted asked me to post this and the previous one, so you can blame him if you don't like them! ;-)


theodore said...

I love the symbolism in this piece!

Jessica MH Smith said...

Loved your piece in StAR, Jef. Tell me a little more about the Peacock---Resurrection?

Jef Murray said...


Regarding StaR...many thanks!

Regarding the peacock (Pavo cristatus), it is often associated with resurrection, but also, the "many eyes" of the peacock's tail are usually associated with the angelic choir of the Cherubim. These are often depicted in medieval images and icons with wings of peacock feathers.

BTW, the "cristatus" of the pea fowl's taxonomic name is not, as one might suppose (and as I did for years), a reference to Christ, but to the _crest_ on the head of the peacock.