Saints Alive!

I'm working on a big series of saint illustrations this month. I probably shouldn't post the full pictures yet, but here are a few snippets:

The saints pictured above are (left to right and top to bottom):
-Margaret of Scotland
-Rose of Lima
-St. Joseph and the christ Child
-Saint Paul
-Catherine of Siena
-Vincent de Paul

I'll try to post some full-sized images one of these days soon!


lookingland said...

i just love how clean your lines are ~ these are so delightful!

: D

mystical_rose84 said...

beautiful! and you have my favorite saint! Rose of Lima! am i right? Can't wait to see the finished product!

Tim said...

Very nice! I look forward to seeing the full images.

Ria said...

You have one of my favorite saints too, St. Paul!

Abigail said...

Really Nice! I especially like the one of St. Rose of Lima.

Ben Hatke said...

Thanks. there are 27 of these in all. I'll see if I can post some more soon.

WondrousPilgrim said...

Margaret of Scotland AND Catherine of Siena. Awesome.

And, mad props for a strong looking St. Joseph. I always hate how effeminate people make St. Joseph sometimes. Bravo!

Jason & Erin said...

Are these going to be available for purchase, possibly in a book? I have a 1-year-old and another due in February and would love to have the pics for the kids.

ben Hatke said...

As far as i know, these will be made into 5X7 trading card-style prints. Probably with the saints story printed on the back. I'll... post more information about these when I know it -so keep checking back!

Love2Learn Mom said...

Ooooh - trading cards. I like it. My KIDS will definitely like it!

Thom said...

Looking good, Ben. I'd encourage you to vary their expressions a bit if possible.


Lucia Rosa said...

St. Rose of Lima should be wearing a white robe, since she was Dominican. I like her face, though.