St. Thomas Aquinas again

I'm painting this in monochrome, since it will be reproduced in black and white. Any critiques? I need to have it done this week.


WondrousPilgrim said...

john: I'd make ther star on his chest more star like. I think it looks like a sea urchin right now.

otherwise: rockin!

theodore said...

Nice start John!

As so often happens, the sketch you posted has more energy than the painting... Not sure what to suggest to remedy the situation, maybe members with more experience with paint than I could tell you.

Benjamin P Hatke said...

I agree with Ted. This is really nice, but it doesn't capture the life of the sketch.

What kind of paint are you using here? It looks like you're handling them pretty well. I would start by fiddling with the whit and dark area of his hood/collar -right below and next to his chin. At the moment it destracts from his face. You might even want to bring down the white. The eye is lazy and tends to be drawn to white areas.

Next i would try to give a little more shape to his nose. I think the mouth and chin are nicely rendered, but the nose looks a little flat.

Do you have a reference for this?