The Debauch'd Sloth, Recover'd by Dr. Stephen Maturin, FRS, RN, at San Roque in Brazil. Matthew Alderman. 8" x 10." Ink on Vellum, September 2006. A birthday gift for my father.

'In this bucket,' said Stephen, walking into the cabin, 'in this small half-bucket, now, I have the population of Dublin, London, and Paris combined: these animalculae--what is the matter with the sloth?' It was curled on Jack's knee, breathing heavily: its bowl and Jack's glass stood empty on the table. Stephen picked it up, peered into its affable bleary face, shook it, and hung it upon its rope. It seized hold with one fore and one hind foot, letting the others dangle limp, and went to sleep.

Stephen looked sharply round, saw the decanter, smelt to the sloth, and cried, 'Jack, you have debauched my sloth.'

~Patrick O'Brian, H.M.S. Surprise.


Ben Hatke said...

Beautifully drawn! And your lettering is top notch. This is really a fine piece.

My only suggestion is that you should save your JPGS at a higher quality.

theodore said...

Very inspiring Matthew!

Herreid said...

I love your linework. Very cool!

WondrousPilgrim said...


Abigail said...

That linework really is phenomenal!

Anonymous said...

The blog image has sadly expired; alas I cannot view this curious illustration from one of my favourite novels. Can I buy a reproduction suitable for framing ? a limited edition lithograph? fairly decent photocopy?

-- Raven (bursting with pride in our new Texas Cardinal), of Our Lady of Walsingham Church, Houston. I can be located through the parish office, if you contact via the website--