Sketchbook Saturday

Well overtime has put me behind on my icon, I'm still working on it but my new deadline is the end of eastertide. I'm such a forgiving boss. In the meantime I am preparing for an icon retreat/workshop in Oregon this summer so I have to beef up my sketchbook with some icons and figure studies. This is a sketch of "The Saviour with Wet Beard." We will be working on a type of this icon at the retreat.


theodore said...

I'm always amazed at the finished quality of your sketches!

will you be leading the workshop? What medium will you be using?

My crucifix project has sputtered to a halt... too much going on. But I will continue it throughout the year as I get time.

Jef Murray said...


I like this one. It's a nice blend of fluid and rigid...a tough balance to achieve!

Lawrence Klimecki said...

Thanks, no I wont be teaching the workshop. This is an annual school at the Mt St. Angel monastery outside Portland. It's the first time I've been able to attend and we will be working in egg tempera, something new for me.

theodore said...

is it taught by the proposon (sp?) school? I attended one of their workshops a few years ago and thought it was excellant.

Lawrence Klimecki said...

This is the Iconographic Arts Institute of Mt. Angel. It is held at the prayer center of the Queen of Angels Benedictine Monastery.
It is taught by students of Fr. Egon Sendler, sj.

Ben said...

Nice linework! This looka really good. The only thing I'm not thrilled with is the mirror image of the locks of hair. To me, even sylized hair looks better without exactly repeating patterns.

but the lines are very nuveau.