Quick sketch

This is for a proposed picture for a book of quotes from St. Thomas Aquinas. Ballpoint pen, around a half-hour of sketchiness. If they like the pose, I will do a final one in pencil or charcoal.


Ben said...

Wow, John. This is really a nicely realized illustration. i'm impressed. Good face.

i hope the final version has the spontenaity (sp?) and precision that this one has.

My only suggestion would be to work on the hands in the final version.

Herreid said...

Thanks! Yeah, the hands are weird, but I was doing this without a reference. When I do a final I'm gonna get someone to pose for the hands.

theodore said...

Great! He reminds me of someone... AH HA, To the moon, Alice!

WondrousPilgrim said...

John: I *really* like his expression. there's just the right about of joy and contemplationand braininess in it! props.

boinky said...

Hmm...looks more like a beefy CSLewis than a rotund Thomas.
But a nice sketch