Sketch for Lenten Crucifix project

Inspired by Lawrence's project I decided to do the same. I plan to use a product called paperclay for the corpus. The cross will be made of a tree branch with traditional icons on the side (gessoed panel, gold leaf and tempera paint)

who knows if I will have time to finish this lent (probably not!) or next (maybe?) or some lent in the future (God Willing!).


Abigail said...

Oh wow! I love the idea of making this mixed media - definitely an undertaking, but one well worth it.

Ben hatke said...

This is really inspiring.

Last night I was talking about replacing the "icon" that we have on our little home altar with something genuine. what we have is a mass-produced print and I've been thinking that if there's a place in the home for original art, this is it.

But your plan here is just really great.