By Way of Introduction

My name is Matthew Alderman, and you may know me or my work from my periodic appearances on my blogging home base, The Shrine of the Holy Whapping (don't ask, there's a long story behind the name) and my home-away-from-home at The New Liturgical Movement. I've been invited by Theodore to post my work from time to time, and I must say it is an honor to be able to post alongside the likes of Regina Doman and the rest of the Catholic Illustrators' Guild.

St. Irene, Virgin and Martyr. January 2006

I recently graduated from the School of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame, where I won the Rambusch Prize for Religious Architecture for my undergraduate thesis, and I currently live and work in Manhattan. I've begun to branch out into liturgical illustration on the side, recently completing my first paying commission, for the Knights of Columbus, in the form of seven pieces of line-art drawn specially for the misalettes that will accompany the masses at this year's national convention. I have also been commissioned to do a new logo for the Church Musicians' Association of America, and am always eager for more projects. I also enjoy, on my own time, devising hypothetical architectural projects and the occasional portrait as well, if I can slip in a little bit of symbolism under the surface.

A Hypothetical Counterproposal for Los Angeles Cathedral. August 2006.

I am an eclecticist at heart. I started out, when it comes to drawing, as a very literal imitator of the great Durer, and have grown to incorporate other influences, ranging from Jan van Eyck to Alfons Mucha and the engraved frontispieces of the 17th century, into what is slowly becoming my own personal style. In the end, it all returns, for me, to the careful balance of iconography and reality, the natural and the supernatural. Though I don't forget to have fun along the way!


Herreid said...

Very nice! I've seen your work on Whapping, and it's pretty cool. Do you use technical pens for the wood-engraving look?

Lawrence Klimecki said...

Welcome Matt, I've also enjoyed your work on whapping. Always nice to have a kindred spirit on board.

theodore said...

Thanks for joining us Matt! I didn't realize you had posted or I would have waited a bit before posting my book design.

You do fine work, wonderful draftmanship!

Jef Murray said...

Welcome, Matt! Lovely stuff! And I'm impressed with the look and feel of your work, particularly at NLM. I see we have a common acquaintance in Jeffrey Tucker. I've been involved with the Gregorian chant scene for years, although not in charge of a schola at present.

Glad to have you aboard!

Abigail said...

Wonderful! I love the one of St. Irene - the composition is top notch and the line work reminds me of the illustrations in the old missals.

Ben said...

Very nice, indeed!

regina doman said...

Welcome Matt! I love the pics, and I'm honored by your mention. But really, I'm just a occasional scribbler (I mainly draw cartoon cats). The other folks on the board are the REAL artists. When I do have to do a book cover or something, I usually get help from THEM.

Glad you joined!

Matthew said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. I'd have said something sooner in reply, but I actually had NO idea the post had gone through. My computer kept telling me my connection had timed out.

I do use technical art pens for the engraved look; and I love the old line-art in missals, which are a big influence on me in terms of design and technique.

And Regina--you're an *author*, so that counts, too!