Sketchbook Snippets

Another couple of small Sketchbook Snippets. I have been good about Sketching on Saturday, but not about Scanning on Saturday.


John Herreid said...

Do you use watercolor for the tinting?

Cool stuff!

Ben said...

Sometimes I do, but here I just used a prismacolor marker. They're really nice after they dry out a little bit. This one's probably over five years old.

Jason said...


Since it now says "Sketch blog" in your header, does that mean that your more finished art will not be displayed anymore? Will be we able to see that somewhere else?

theodore said...

Lovely sketches Ben.
Jason, thanks for visiting Smallpax! Members are free to post whatever they are working on at the moment (or even old work.)...keep coming back and you will see more finished pieces.

E v e n t u a l l y I'll get around to making a members page where you will be able to find the portfolio of the Guild members.

regina doman said...

I like the gypsy woman esp!