More Sketchbook Saturday

A couple sketches of Anna. Both from a series of photos I took of her while she was kneeding bread. These are far from "accurate" but at least in the top one I'm finally moving away from pen/ink for a change.

edit: I've posted a whole bunch of Life Drawing in the Flight Forum. Most of it is from over the summer. Most of it is the "undraped figure," so be forwarned.


John Herreid said...

Cool stuff. I learned more in the first month of intensive figure drawing than I had in a year of copying from photos. Especially from doing the "quick-studies". (2-5 minute poses)

I have a bunch of studies I've done at home--I could upload to my own site and put up a link for the interested, though I'd have to photograph it all first, since I drew them in a large-sized pad.

Ben said...

Yeah, it's SO HELPFUL.

these were from a wide range of poses. 5-20 minutes. They were mostly larger than the scannerbed, so I photographed all these and it really didn't take long at all. Quicker than scanning now that I think on it. I had to adjust the levels, but even that was no big work.

Abigail said...

I like the top one a lot - the shadows and lights are really nice, very soft.

regina doman said...

Beautiful, Ben.

Patrick said...

Yes, beautiful, but it's "kneads," not "kneeds."