Chickens, cats and trees

Okay, confession: I did not do these recently. But I did them a few weeks ago in an attempt to design a tapestry for our house. They are drawn from live chickens and cats, but the trees are imaginary. I love the cat on its back and the chicken with a ruff.


Ben said...

Nice Chickens Regina!! Which remonds me -sorry we could not take the ones you offered, but we need to make a really good coop before we get the chickens. I watched a fox walk through our yard yesterday -an ill omen for the would-be poltry man.

Anyway, I'm glad you're sketching from life. Nothing better. You might try adjusting the levels in Photoshop to add more contrast to the picture after you scan it. that's what i usually do if i scan pencil drawings.

regina doman said...

Not a bad idea. I was just being lazy.

theodore said...

These are nifty! I hope we get to see the progress on the tapestry?