My name is Gaelen Mibeck, and I can't describe how cool it is to be posting to a blog that I've been following for the past 9 months.

A little bit about myself:
I'm a Catholic Homeschooler working on High School(I'm currently a Junior). My prospects include illustration, animation and sequential storytelling, with a focus on children's entertainment (I consider Winnie the Pooh, Madeline, and Curious George to be some of my main inspiration).

What I like to draw:
Everything from Giant Robots to Edwardian Gents. I have a few G.K. Chesterton-related illustration projects I'm hoping to work on.

At any rate, I'm very exited to be posting alongside my favorite artists! I readily welcome constructive criticism and advice.

I have a blog.


theodore said...

Welcome Gaelen! These are lovely images... very fresh and whimsical.

Sophie said...

lovely little illustrations! I especially like the one of the monk.

Therese said...

I too like the image of the young monk. And the Fr. Brown!

Ben Hatke said...

Gaelen, your art is getting stronger. These are nice! I like Father Brown and Sunday. And the robot.

Fr Matthew Green said...

Good work!

J.R.Howley said...

Very nice work. Welcome and show us more.

Gaelen Mibeck said...

Thanks everyone, I feel very welcomed!

Anonymous said...

Gaelen - pax! I cannot find an email address for you anywhere, so here I write. I have a confession to make about your superb monk sketch. Please drop me a line so I can cleanse my conscience!!

Love your work. Really just right, to my taste.

Fr Hugh

Blaise said...

Gaelen's email is here Fr. Hugh:



HughOSB said...

Thank you Blaise! It shows my appalling skills with Blogger that I have only just seen your reply. However belatedly, I will get in touch with Gaelen to check he is happy that I used one of his little sketches (for no commercial gain I assure you) and blogged about him to ensure he got credit.